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LifeWatch is a European research infrastructure (ESFRI) established to develop a distributed virtual laboratory. It will consist of several biodiversity observatories, data repositories, web services, and modeling tools. Since 2012 the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) and the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) form the Flemish LifeWatch consortium, which is funded through the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO).

Our team at LifeWatch INBO is responsible for implementing a long-term terrestrial and freshwater observatory using high-tech monitoring equipment such as GPS trackers and camera traps, unlocking the data it generates as open data, and providing researchers the tools and documentation to interact with those data in reproducible workflows.

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Tanja Milotić - LifeWatch project coordinator


Tanja coordinates the LifeWatch INBO project and communication. She strongly believes in the value of open science in biodiversity research.

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Peter Desmet - Data lab coordinator


Peter coordinates the data lab at the INBO, which the LifeWatch INBO team is a part of. He is a biodiversity informatics geek, passionate about open data and open science, and loves to create visualizations and proper documentation.

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Stijn Van Hoey - Research software engineer


Stijn is an avid promoter of open science. He supports researchers in their journey towards open data publishing and reproducible science, by eliminating the technical barriers.

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Dimitri Brosens - Data liaison officer


Dimitri is data liaison officer at the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. He loves to chat with researchers to help them publish their data. His ultimate goal is to get Belgium on the world map of biodiversity data.

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